Therapeutic Horsemanship

We use the power of the relationship between horse and human, and the intuitive nature of the horse, to help those on their path of self discovery and growth.

Training and relating to horses on a regular basis develops compassion, problem-solving, leadership and communication skills, while also building insight, self-analysis, and self-confidence.

Our services, while therapeutic in nature, are not to be considered therapy. They are beneficial to absolutely anyone. In addition, our services can be used in conjunction with a licensed therapist - please contact us to combine professional resources for specialized sessions.

We invite you to find your strengths and develop new skills with the horses while building a partnership in trust and confidence, and we encourage you to facilitate positive change in your life.

Learning why our horses do the things they do helps us reflect on why we act certain ways, or make certain choices. We have seen first hand how caring for animals helps humans develop insight and character. We help provide growth and healing, by offering a non-judgmental, friendly environment in which, through a series of equine-assisted activities, we enable our clients to discover passions and possibilities, develop and implement goals, and recognize their own abilities and personal direction.


We do not claim to have the answers. We do not dig into your past. Instead, we challenge you, support you, and guide you to find your path on the journey to a joyful, balanced, and fulfilling future.

Especially beneficial for anyone looking to implement change in their life, gain confidence, lessen anxiety, or reduce stress. Helps individuals cope with work and social pressures. Helps groups and couples work more cohesively together. Also beneficial to anyone with eating disorders, addictions, learning disabilities or handicaps, social difficulties, and many other physical and psychological conditions.

Our flexibility ensures each experience is truly yours. Horse experience is NOT required for participants. For someone who has a fear of horses, we can help! 

Corporate wellness and training experiences are also welcome. Private corporate wellness sessions are available for individuals wanting to work on personal strengths and goals outside of the group setting. Group corporate training sessions help teams gain confidence and trust in each other and themselves, and improve both their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Private 1 hr $150

Couples 1.5 hr $250
Valid UC Student ID 50% off


Corporate Group 1/2 day $1000