We offer a unique service to those serious about providing a forever home to a racehorse off the track. 

Be it a Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, or Arabian, we can assist you in finding the right equine partner coming from the track, and provide you with a bespoke training service to create your perfect partner.

Step 1)

You purchase the horse from the track

Step 2)

Your new horse is enrolled into RD Equine training program. You build a bond with them through daily activities, while Rhi retrains your horse on the ground and under saddle. You receive horsemanship lessons on an RD Equine horse, to ensure you progress in skill as well as your horse. Once both you and your horse are at the appropriate level, your lessons then continue with your own horse, as they work to complete their training. 

Step 3)

You and your horse are ready! You may either keep your horse in our training program, at any level, or take them to their new home. You now have your perfect equine partner! Congratulations!