Gina H

"I am a 40 year old woman returning to horseback riding after a very long hiatus. I took lessons on a pony when I was a child and also started some dressage, however, my family dynamic changed and I was not able to continue.  As I continued with my education and then my career, it has been a lifelong dream to one day return to horseback riding and maybe even own a horse.  My chance to return has come and I am so lucky to have found Rhi Davies.
I have been training with Rhi since the beginning of this year and it has been an absolutely eye-opening experience. Her style of horsemanship is unlike anything I have experienced before.  During one of my sessions, she was teaching me a new exercise and my eyes welled up.  I was able to mutter, “Oh my gosh, I just realized you are almost teaching me how to train a horse not just ride a horse.” Rhi simply replied “You told me you want to own a horse.  I want you to be well prepared and know what you are doing. Every interaction you have with a horse is an opportunity for you to teach them something, or them to teach you something.”   This is exactly what I am learning. I have been trying to explain to my friends and family exactly what I have been doing every Thursday and I find myself unable to put words to what is going on.  Rhi is patiently and carefully teaching me how to become a horse-woman.  It is beyond owning and riding but really communicating and having a close relationship with a horse.  Rhi shows you how to manage the horse with presence, air pressure and then contact--if necessary.
Every week I am learning more about myself as well as getting a little bit closer to my dream.  I only have Rhi to thank for it."