Lease & Lesson Program


The mission of RD Equine is to promote horsemanship, and help people discover the amazing relationship you can have with your horse, given the right opportunity. This means coming into the relationship with not only compassion, but with knowledge. We help you gain that knowledge. 

We offer a comprehensive lease and lesson program to help horsemen and horsewomen on their way to being great potential horse owners. 

Before taking on the full ownership responsibilities, our program affords you the opportunity to spend time with our horses, develop and refine your horsemanship and riding skills - first on a lesson horse, then on your own lease horse.


Build relationships with horses and learn about their care and handling as well as riding, with the comfort of knowing common stress factors like vet bills and training times and feed strategies are all taken care of by RD Equine.  

Step 1: Take Lessons!

Lessons are one hour long, and sold in packages (8 for adults, 5 for youths). This way, you can ride as often as your schedule allows. Book all of them in advance, or each one as and when it suits you. We will keep track for you. Packages must be used within 6 months. You can purchase them with paypal or card through the online store page, or by check in person. Whichever is simplest for you.

Step 2: Add a Lease!

Before you think about buying, spend more time with these beauties! Lease your lesson horse, learn more about them, care for them, have some private practice time without instructor supervision, and start getting ready for the exciting jump to ownership!

Lease packages vary per horse, but start at $250/month.

Lease levels available: one day, two day, three day, or full on-site lease.

**Youth Learning Leases  

Moms n Pops - for the keen bean kids, learning leases are available - just like an adult lease, but there is no unsupervised riding on the horse. For the more advanced youths, who can pass a series of assessments, adult style leases can be purchased. We recognize that age does not reflect skill level!